ASPCApro – E-newsletter Design

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ASPCApro provides support to animal welfare professionals not only through their web site and downloadable documents, but through regular emails designed to cover specific interests. This e-newsletter design project was to provide email-delivered newsletters with a consistent look across departments.

Four of the six newsletters are shown here. The client wanted a fresh and clean look that would carry branding consistent with other materials. Each department lead’s specific needs were kept in mind during the earliest stage of the design process.

I approached the project by presenting 4 to 5 layout options for the overall look, then honed in on the unique requirements for each. The final individual Photoshop files were created for each e-newsletter and contained placeholder photos, buttons, and other graphic elements. All were layered and organized by section, and passed on to the ASPCApro coder who builds content for the newsletters on a regular basis.