WSA – Self Study Binder Graphics

  • WSA_0000_WSASelfStudy
  • WSA_0001_WSASelfStudy1
  • WSA_0002_WSASelfStudy2
  • WSA_0003_WSASelfStudy3
  • WSA_0004_WSASelfStudy4

West Sound Academy’s Administration and Faculty spent a year studying and documenting every nook and cranny of the school, from facility to personnel to student body and curriculum, for accreditation purposes. I was charged by the Head of School to make this huge effort look appealing and easy to navigate.

The cover was built in two parts: main face of the binder and spine. All tab pages were Xeroxed onto oversized sheets than hand trimmed to accommodate tabs. About 15 copies of the report were made. All were created with InDesign with image editing in Photoshop. Photography by Greg MacDonald and William Thompson. This is a sample of the cover, spine, and four of twelve divider pages.