Western Wildlife Outreach – Identify Washington’s Wolves Brochure

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Western Wildlife Outreach, formerly the Grizzly Bear Outreach Project, contracted me to design and produce their Identify Washington’s Wolves brochure which is widely distributed throughout Washington State, and on it’s second printing. It is the second in a family of brochures for each of the large carnivores represented by WWO. Along with design and production, I was responsible for copy editing and working with photographers to choose photos that would best represent and illustrate the brochure’s content.

The brochure folded size is 4 x 9″, opens to 18 x 9″ then opens again into a large poster 16 x 18″. It was created using InDesign with image preparation in Photoshop. Graphics were created with Adobe Illustrator. During this project I worked with the organization’s executive director, project coordinator, field biologists, and photographers.